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Chinthaka (Chris) Heyn

Associate scientist

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
2075 Bayview Ave., Room AG 283
Toronto, ON
M4N 3M5

Phone: 416-480-6100 ext. 689952
Fax: 416-480-5855


  • H.B.Sc., 1998, chemistry and biochemistry, University of Western Ontario, Canada
  • PhD, 2007, Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto, Canada
  • MD, 2008, U of T, Canada

Appointments and Affiliations:

Research Foci:

  • Molecular imaging
  • Central nervous system oncology
  • Dementia
  • Tissue metabolism and blood flow

Research Summary:

The focus of Dr. Heyn’s research is the application of molecular imaging techniques to the study, diagnosis and characterization of diseases of the central nervous system.

Selected Publications:

See current publications list at PubMed.

  1. Symons SP, Heyn C, Maralani PJ. Magnetic resonance imaging exposure during pregnancy. JAMA. 2016 Dec 6;316(21):2275.
  2. Conklin J, Heyn C, Roux M, Cerny M, Wintermark M, Federau C. A simplified model for intravoxel incoherent motion perfusion imaging of the brain. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2016 Dec;37(12):2251–57.
  3. Guha D, Jakubovic R, Gupta S, Alotaibi NM, Cadotte D, da Costa LB, George R, Heyn C, Howard P, Kapadia A, Klostranec JM, Phan N, Tan G, Mainprize TG, Yee A, Yang VX. Spinal intra-operative three-dimensional navigation: correlation between clinical and absolute engineering accuracy. Spine J. Epub 2016 Oct 21.
  4. Jakubovic R, Zhou S, Heyn C, Soliman H, Zhang L, Aviv R, Sahgal A. The predictive capacity of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) in response assessment of brain metastases following radiation. Clin Exp Metastasis. 2016 Mar;33(3)277–84.
  5. Heyn C, Ronald JA, Ramadan SS, Snir JA, Barry AM, MacKenzie LT, Mikulis DJ, Palmieri D, Bronder JL, Steeg PS, Yoneda T, MacDonald IC, Chambers AF, Rutt BK, Foster PJ. In vivo MRI of cancer cell fate at the single cell level in a mouse model of breast cancer metastasis to the brain. Magn Reson Med. 2006 Nov;56(5):1001–10.

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