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OCCI investigators

Robert A. deKemp, PhD, P.Eng.

University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Phone: 613-761-4275
Fax: 613-761-4690

  • Leading expert in Canada in the physics of cardiac PET imaging.
  • Young investigator recruited to the University of Ottawa Heart Institute in 1995.
  • Completed his doctoral studies in one of the World's leading Positron Emission Tomography (PET) research groups at McMaster University.
  • Pioneering research in 'singles' transmission for attenuation correction in PET, which is now the commercial standard for 3D volume imaging PET scanners.
  • Pioneered the application of Rb-82 PET perfusion imaging in Canada, including an automated Rb-82 infusion system which has been in clinical use at the Cardiac PET Centre since 1997.
  • Peer-reviewed funding from the Medical Research Council of Canada since 1997.
  • Co-investigator on $3.2 million PET infrastructure grants from Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund (ORDCF).
  • 14 papers and 24 abstracts published or submitted over the last 5 years.
  • Training graduate students in Ottawa Medical Physics Institute at Carleton University.
  • Growing stature in cardiac PET is demonstrated by role as invited speaker at Medical Physics Symposia, and advisor to Industry Canada (Medical Imaging Technology).
  • Interest in translating basic research to clinical practice is demonstrated by funded collaborations with clinical faculty focused on ischemic heart disease.
  • Interest in developing automated statistical methods to monitor changes in myocardial perfusion and metabolism, with therapy or progression of ischemic heart disease.