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OCCI investigators

Frank S. Prato, PhD

Lawson Health Research Institute

Phone: 519-646-6100, ext. 64140
Fax: 519-646-6135

  • Demonstrated over the past 15 years an ever-expanding, multi-disciplinary approach to imaging research, including nuclear medicine imaging, cardiac MRI and BioElectroMagnetics.
  • During the last year: member of the Expert Panel of Canadian Royal Society and co-author of Report on Safety of Radiation from Wireless Communications; invited to Munich Germany by World Health Organisation to consult on environmental effects of non-ionising radiation; and invited to Greece to participate in EuroWorkshop to help develop Euro-Canadian research programme in Advanced Signal Processing.
  • During past 5 years, has: 34 peer-reviewed publications; 5 patents filed in 19 countries; 79 peer-reviewed abstracts; 23 invited presentations; $1,500,000 in peer-reviewed funding from MRC; $2,000,000 in industry funding; and graduated 5 PhD students (currently supervising 3 MScs, 5 PhDs and 2 PDFs) with numerous awards for teaching and research to his students.
  • In 1982, with Dr. Lionel Reese, produced the first human brain image in Canada using MRI.
  • In 1988, with Drs. Dick Drost and Peter Williamson, introduced MR spectroscopy to London.
  • In 1994, proposed a MRI technique to measure myocardial viability, implemented clinically.
  • Chief Medical Physicist, SJHC (1982 - present).
  • Chair, LRI Imaging Division (1990-2000). As Chair, recruited 7 PhD scientists, established needed infrastructure, encouraged/retained MD scientists. (P. Williamson, G. Wisenberg)
  • First Chair, Division of Imaging Sciences, UWO (1997 - present).
  • Project Leader (1998 - present) of CFI & OIT proposal "London Imaging Research" bringing $5,700,000 to UWO.
  • Recruitment Committee (1997 - present), Society for Cardiovascular MRI.
  • Associate Scientific Director (1999 - present), Lawson Health Research Institute.
  • President (1999-present), Fralex Therapeutics Inc.; implementation of magnetic field therapies.
  • Established Thames Valley Veterinarian Services at the LRI (1998-present), to use pets as animal models of human disease to benefit animals and provide income for medical research.
  • As President of the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine, created with Chris Thompson and Walter Huda the Canadian Organization of Medical Physics.

Group members: Lela Noonan, Dr. Glenn Wells, Maryam Fathimani, Dr. Savita Dhanvantari, Dr. Robert Stodilka, Dr. Katie Lekx, Yuan Jin, Dr. Frank Prato, Jane Sykes, Dr. Mike Kovacs, Kim Blackwood, Dr. Huafu Kong