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OCCI investigators

David A. Steinman, PhD

Robarts Research Institute

Phone: 519-663-3833
Fax: 519-663-3900

  • Completed doctoral studies at the University of Toronto with Ross Ethier, a leader in the field of computational blood flow modelling.
  • Recruited to the Imaging Labs four years ago after completing post-doctoral training with Brian Rutt in area of MRI velocimetry of bypass graft models.
  • Pioneer in the development of patient-specific models of local hemodynamics and vascular disease via the integration of high resolution medical imaging with computational fluid dynanmic modelling.
  • Independent research program in cardiovascular MRI and blood flow dynamics, recognized most recently by a 5-year Research Scholarship from the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada and a New Opportunities Award from the Canada Foundation for Innovation.
  • Recipient of the prestigous Henry J. M. Barnett Research Scholarship Award by the Heart & Stroke Foundation, given to the top-ranked stroke research scholarship application.
  • Peer-reviewed funding from the Medical Research Council of Canada and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario.
  • 21 papers and 37 abstracts published or submitted over the last 5 years, resulting in 2 patients (1 issued, 1 pending).
  • National and international stature as demonstrated by role as invited speaker, session organizer at international conferences.
  • Peer-reviewer for Heart & Stroke Foundation, and several international journals.
  • Keen interest in translating our novel "computational imaging" techniques from the benchtop to the clinic.