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OCCI investigators

Stergios Stergiopoulos, PhD

Lawson Health Research Institute

Phone: 519-661-2758
Fax: 519-661-3488

  • Adjunct Professor at the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering of the University of Western Ontario and a Senior Defence Scientist at Defense & Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine (DCIEM) of the Canadian DND.
  • Associate Editor for the IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering and has prepared two special issues on Acoustic Synthetic Aperture and Sonar System Technology.
  • Present interests are associated with the implementation of advanced processing schemes in multi-dimensional arrays of sensors for sonar and medical tomography (CT, MRI and ultrasound) systems.
  • Research activities are supported with grants from the Canadian-DND, NSERC Grants and NATO. Recently he has been awarded with European Commission-ESPRIT/IST grants as technical manager of two projects entitled "New Roentgen" and "MITTUG" and a grant to organize the International Euroworkshop "Fourier".
  • Dr. Stergiopoulos is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America and a senior member of the IEEE.