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OCCI investigators

Gerald Wisenberg, MD, FRCP(C)

Lawson Health Research Institute

Phone: 519-646-6158
Fax: 519 646-6159

  • Established investigator at St. Joseph's Hospital, London since 1980.
  • Following completion of clinical cardiology training in Toronto, undertook 2 years of research training in Nuclear cardiology under the mentorship of Dr. Heinrich Schelbert at U.C.L.A. That centre contains one of the leading research groups in the world into the applications of positron emission tomography.
  • On his return to Canada, began an independent research career into the cardiac applications of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.
  • Ongoing collaboration with Ph.D. scientists in the Lawson Health Research Institute, Dr.'s Prato and Thompson.
  • Research has led to the use of magnetic resonance imaging for the detection and quantitation of the extent of acute myocardial infarction, tissue characterization using magnetic resonance relaxation parameters, the diagnosis of heart transplant rejection, and the use of magnetic resonance spectroscopy for delineation of metabolic changes with and without drug intervention following infarction.
  • Ongoing peer review funding from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario (operating grants as well as personal support) and in collaboration with Dr. Prato, from the Medical Research Council.
  • 40 papers and 75 abstracts published.