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Critical Care Medicine

Staff Physicians

Shelly Dev, MD FRCPC

Shelly Dev joined the Department of Critical Care Medicine in the fall of 2006 as a Clinical Associate with an interest in education.  She is a Lecturer in the University of Toronto Department of Medicine.

Dr. Dev completed medical school and postgraduate training in internal medicine and critical care medicine at University of Toronto.  Building on personal experience in film production, she is currently developing specific expertise in the use of multimedia tools for clinical education in critical care.  For 2007 she is part-time editorial fellow at The New England Journal of Medicinein Boston, focused on developing content for the Videos in Clinical Medicine section.  She also produces, films and edits instructional videos on common ICU-related bedside procedures in the critical care units at Sunnybrook. Her ultimate vision is to create a media centre, including a team of media and multidisciplinary critical care clinicians, to produce educational videos and develop and pilot other innovative approaches to teaching.