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Risk assessment:

Welcome to This extension of is focused on improving methods for prostate cancer detection and to individualize a person's risk for having prostate cancer. Developed in 2007, we developed a prostate cancer risk calculator using a statistical model called a nomogram. This tool factors various individual patient parameters related to prostate cancer risk and calculates a precise risk for that individual of having not only prostate cancer, but the most aggressive and lethal forms.

Recently, in 2010, our research team in collaboration with multiple academic and community-based prostate biopsy centers across Canada, has completed a large, multi-centered study that sought to validate and compare our risk calculator with another risk calculator (based from the U.S.). We found that not only did the Sunnybrook Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator accurately predict prostate cancer in this study, it outperformed the U.S. based prostate cancer risk calculator in its accuracy. This study was generously funded by the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute. Our joint primary interest is to improve methods for prostate cancer prevention, detection and treatment.

Dr. Robert Nam is the lead investigator for the prostate cancer risk program at the Edmond Odette Cancer Centre and Sunnybrook. He is a Urologic Oncologist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto, and Head of the Genitourinary Cancer Team at the Edmond Odette Cancer Centre. His research interests include prostate cancer risk assessment, new biomarker discovery and the genetics of prostate cancer.

This Sunnybrook Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator is available to you, the general public so that in consultation with your primary care physician, you can better evaluate and manage your individual risk for prostate cancer.