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Patient Navigation Advisor

Meet Paul Taylor, Sunnybrook’s Patient Navigation Advisor.

Paul’s role is to help you better navigate the health care system. He does this by answering patient and visitor questions and publishing his responses on the Personal Health Navigator blog.
Headshot: Paul Taylor

Paul has a significant background in health care education. For more than two decades he played a key role in The Globe and Mail’s health coverage, first as a medical reporter and later as the paper’s health editor.

As Sunnybrook’s Patient Navigation Advisor, Paul answers patient and visitor questions that range anywhere from: “Why are emergency rooms overcrowded?” to “Can I get more than one ‘second opinion?’”

Paul works closely with various health and medical experts at Sunnybrook to ensure he is providing you with the best answers possible.

Are you having trouble navigating the healthcare system? Do you have a question about your care? Ask Paul:


Having trouble navigating the health care system? Have a question about your care?