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Sleep Disorder Clinic

Before you arrive

On the day of your appointment, please follow your usual routine unless instructed to do otherwise. Preferably, wash your hair prior to coming to the lab, and leave it free of styling aids. When you arrive, you will change into your sleeping attire, we will then take about 30 minutes to put on the monitoring equipment (which includes a videotape of your sleep). You will fill out a questionnaire and then you can then read until you are sleepy. A technician will monitor you throughout the study.

What to bring:

  • health card (and/or hospital card if you have one)
  • whatever you are comfortable wearing to sleep (it would be preferable if your nightshirt opened from the front)
  • your own pillow/blanket if you would like, book/magazine, slippers
  • your glasses
  • any toiletries you need for the morning
  • your CPAP mask or equipment, if you have this

MedicationsTAKE (AND BRING) all your usual medications unless instructed otherwise
Bring a list of ALL your usual prescription and nonprescription medications along with the doses

Food:Maintain your normal routine with regards to coffee, tea, and alcohol (but do not drive if you are consuming alcohol). If you want a snack there are a few places close by.

When the test is over

  • generally people leave around 6:30-7:00 A.M.
  • you may be able to leave earlier, but please let the technician know ahead of time
  • there will be a small amount of adhesive left in your hair, a shower is available

QUESTIONS? Please call 416-480-4475.