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Patient relations process: survey results

Sunnybrook's patient relations process

The results of our survey question, How do you rate Sunnybrook’s complaint management policy?

The majority rated the policy “satisfactory” and many of the comments were related to language and the use of data collection. We appreciate the feedback and we have taken it all into consideration. You can read our revised policy, which we have now renamed, “Office of the Patient Experience Protocol”

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Complaints process at Sunnybrook infographic. Accessible text follows

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The complaints process at Sunnybrook

How our complaints process works, explained in 6 steps:

Patient, family and visitor complaints can be made in person or by phone, letter, email or fax

We require written or verbal consent from the patient to investigate a complaint

Complaints will be addressed in a timely, thorough and respectful manner

Staff/physicians must try to resolve complaints as soon as possible. If unable to, they must alert the Patient Care Manager or Supervisor

Once notified, the manager will contact the patient by phone or in person

If physicians cannot resolve a complaint, they should involve the Department or Program Chief

Compliments are welcome. Patients and families can give positive feedback about their experience with a specific staff member or team

How can the Office of the Patient Experience help?

  • A manager or physician can consult OPE to help resolve complex complaints, where the OPE was not contacted directly
  • With the patient's approval, a Patient Experience Advisor can attend meetings with the parties
  • The Office of the Patient Experience will acknowledge receipt of any written complaint in writing or by telephone
  • Patient Experience Advisors can provide patients and staff with updates on the status of the complaint
  • Some situations may require OPE to escalate a complaint to a member of the Senior Leadership Team