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Craniofacial Prosthetics Unit

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What does craniofacial prosthetics mean?

The term craniofacial means head and face. A prosthesis is an artificial replacement for a portion of the body that is missing or disfigured.

Our craniofacial prosthetics unit is comprised of dedicated professionals with unique skills to assist you. During visits to the unit, team members will outline and discuss treatment choices in detail, answer questions and provide support for any physical and/or psychological needs as required. This specialized team is dedicated to making you as comfortable as possible throughout your experience. Referral from a physician is required.


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Location and contact

Craniofacial Prosthetics Unit

Odette Cancer Centre
2075 Bayview Avenue, 
T-wing, ground floor, room TG 260
Toronto, ON M4N 3M5

Judy Gibson
Phone: 416-480-4254
Email: judya.gibson