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Craniofacial Prosthetics News

What's getting us through

Monica Matys, communications advisor at Sunnybrook, approached staff to ask for personal stories of "What has got us through" the challenging year, and the Craniofacial Prosthetic Unit was asked to contribute. Both David Morrison and Dr. Eszter Somogyi-Ganss' personal stories were selected, and they shared what has helped them navigate the challenging year — a year which saw the CPU closed for five months.

This initiative is presented by Sunnybrook to coincide with Bell Let's Talk Day, and it appeared on Sunnynet, Sunnybrook's staff intranet.

With our thanks to Monica and to Kevin Van Paassen of Sunnybrook Digital & Visual Communications for the photography.

From our archives

November 27, 2020

From our archives but still serving as a timely reminder of the continued value of adhesive-retained prostheses, here are some links to previous health news pieces produced by local television here in the Greater Toronto Area.

The stories follow one of our patient advocates, Peter, as he goes through the process of receiving a recast of his orbital prosthesis.

Posted with our continued and sincere gratitude to Peter for kindly agreeing to participate in these productions.

Also, posted with our thanks to CHCH TV in Hamilton and to CityTV in Toronto for their interest in the unit.

CHCH TV News, March 28, 2013
Part 1: Building a new face

CHCH TV News, March 29, 2013
Part 2: Erasing the deformities

The CPU presents at Bloor Collegiate school

November 12, 2019

The Craniofacial Prosthetic Unit was invited to present at the Bloor Collegiate school in downtown Toronto to a class of Grade 10 students as part of their regular careers class. David Morrison presented for one hour and a quarter hours giving an overview of what the CPU does within Sunnybrook, a history of the profession and its part within the Dept. of Dentistry. Using a wide variety of case studies, the presentation hoped to create some greater awareness of the issues of those living with facial differences. There was also an extra session illustrating David’s own career path along with his advice for the students on finding their own creative skills and creating career paths for themselves.

David Morrison

Our unit has started helping Head and Neck surgeons to plan their surgical reconstructions and patient education by creating 3D models of CT scans.

November 8, 2019

The CPU presents at an international maxillofacial conference in the UK

September 5/6/7, 2019

In early September, 2019, David Morrison presented internationally for the Dept. of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Services’ CPU at the UK’s IMPT (Institute of Maxillofacial Prosthetists and Technologists) biannual conference in Swansea, Wales.

Presenting the new penile brachytherapy treatment at Sunnybrook Hospital and the CPU’s role within it, the presentation went down well and Sunnybrook’s Dept. of Dentistry was the only featured unit from Canada amongst the many hospital units from across the UK, EU and USA who attended the 3-day conference.

David Morrison

The CPU has a new patient advocate

August 2019

Andrew Mizzoni is a long-term cancer survivor patient of the Craniofacial Prosthetics Unit. Andrew lost his eye to Rhabdomyosarcoma as a high schooler and came to Sunnybrook via Sick Kids Hospital for a prosthesis and has been attending regularly ever since. His is a remarkable story of fortitude in the face of adversity and, with the support of his family, sports (he was a great hockey goalie even with monocular vision!) and a sense of faith, he has since raised many hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer research though golf tournament fundraisers. Besides becoming a successful real estate professional in Toronto, Andrew recently got married and is one of life’s good guys. He has just authored a book about the experiences in his cancer journey and hopefully it will help inspire others coming up behind him in their own cancer journeys and be a resource of comfort and education.

The book is available online or through good book shops and published by Word Alive Press, ISBN 978-1-4866-1711-1. His website is

Bravo, Andrew!

Survivor book cover

Survivor back cover

The CPU presents to Sunnybrook’s Volunteer Services at the Lunch ‘N’ Learn and BBQ event

July 2019

On July 18th, 2019, David Morrison gave a presentation to Sunnybrook’s volunteers as part of their Lunch ‘N’ Learn program and he gave them an introduction to anaplastology and detailed the Craniofacial Prosthetic Unit’s service to patients and how it related to the Department of Dentistry.

The presentation was very well received and Sunnybrook CEO, Dr. Andy Smith was also in attendance to extend his gratitude to Sunnybrook’s volunteer service at the following BBQ which, like the good food, went down well! The weather cooperated, making it a good Summer’s day and it was great opportunity to be able to meet with the volunteers too and thank them for their service.

David Morrison gave a presentation

David Morrison gave a presentation

David Morrison gave a presentation

David Morrison gave a presentation

David Morrison gave a presentation

Photography by Ancil London of Sunnybrook’s Digital Visual Communications department. Posted here with our thanks.

Observing the Department of Dentistry’s commitment to Sunnybrook as a teaching hospital

June, 2019

Observing the Department of Dentistry’s commitment to Sunnybrook as a teaching hospital, David Morrison of the CPU gives the final rotation of this year’s 3rd year dental students from U of T a full introduction to the field of Anaplastology. The presentation covers the history and development of maxillofacial technology/anaplastology as it is recognized today and culminates in a comprehensive series of case studies. In this way, the students gain an awareness of the profession and personal impacts of the service as they enter as front-line healthcare workers themselves.

3rd year dental students from U of T

3rd year dental students from U of T

Brenda reveals new, innovative prosthetic eye

March 13, 2019

In 2014, Brenda Coulter was driving along the highway on her way into work. Her life would change in an instant when a piece of metal – likely from a truck – flew up and smashed through her windshield. Brenda lost her left eye, and needed more than one dozen surgeries to repair the damage to her face and skull.

Read the full interview and watch the video

Brenda Coulter video

Conversations with John Moore

Feb 23, 2019
Newstalk 1010 radio program featuring an in-depth look at living with disability.

Brenda Coulter returns to Sunnybrook magazine for a follow up feature

Jan 25, 2019
The CPU was very happy and proud to finish the prosthesis for their newest and very special patient advocate, Brenda Coulter, who featured on the previous cover of the Sunnybrook magazine. Brenda was the recipient of ground-breaking surgical planning at Sunnybrook that saw her receive her osseointegrated implants and they now retain her new prosthesis via magnets. Brenda will be returning again in the next issue of the Sunnybrook magazine and she will appear on the back cover as a follow-up feature which follows her journey from her surgery through the prosthetic side of her treatment. Everyone on the Sunnybrook surgical team and at the CPU are thrilled to have been able to each have played their parts and help Brenda along her journey to get her where she is today.

This is Brenda with her clinical anaplastologist, David Morrison, and wearing her newly delivered prosthesis. She just about to be escorted by Monica Matys in Public Relations for her photoshoot and interview at Sunnybrook Studios. Today was a very good day.

Brenda Coulter

Dr Andy Smith, CEO of Sunnybrook Health and Science Centre visits the CPU

Dec 20, 2018
Dr. Andy Smith, CEO of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, in his year-end review of his most memorable moments and visits with staff, included his visit to the CPU that Fall. His visit was prompted by a particular and favorable patient experience that occurred as a result of the Sunnybrook magazine in which the CPU were featured and were also on the front cover. Dr. Smith wished to learn more about this patient experience and he also learnt more about the new 3D digital scanning processes that the CPU has incorporated into its treatments.

CPU Team at the 2nd Microtia and Atresia Ear Community Picnic

July, 2018
The CPU team travelled out to Hamilton to lend its support to Melissa Tumblin and the 2nd Microtia and Atresia Ear Community Picnic. It was a great day to interact with organizers, sponsors and especially the new parents who were looking for answers to questions they hardly knew how to ask and to spread some awareness of treatment options. The event was caught on CHCH TV too! It was a great day out and we were glad to be a part of the day.

Sunnybrook Magazine - Spring 2018

Jan 25, 2019
New surgical navigation system may help improve use of life-like facial prosthetics. Read the full article. 

David Morrison wins Best Presentation at the International Anaplastology Association Conference

May, 2018
David Morrison (R) presented twice at the International Anaplastology Association annual educational conference in Quebec City, QC and one of them won Best Presentation. The winning presentation was of “When Analogue Technology Enables Modern Digital Technology: Making a Penile Impression for Innovative Treatment of Non-Invasive Penile Brachytherapy.”

David Morrison

Fine-tuning imaging to enhance craniofacial implants for patients

Sep 29, 2016
Reconstructing the craniofacial skeleton after trauma often requires implants that must match the facial structure of the patient to restore both function and cosmetic appearance. Holland MSK researchers are working to improve imaging visualization of thin bones in the face, in order to enhance the design of these implants. Read the full article. 

Canadian medical team helps injured in Ukraine

Nov 26, 2014
A team of medical professionals from across Canada recently returned from a one-week volunteer mission to Ukraine, having treated 30 patients and performing 37 post-traumatic reconstructive surgical procedures otherwise unavailable to the people there. Read the full article

Canadian volunteers providing surgery in Ukraine

Nov 5, 2014
Today, a team of Canadian medical professionals will travel to Ukraine to provide specialized post-traumatic reconstructive surgical procedures otherwise unavailable to the people there. Read the full article


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