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Obstetrical Medicine

Parents and baby

We are a team of medical specialists and sub-specialists who provide expert care to women with chronic medical diseases and complications of pregnancy through the DAN Women & Babies Program. Integrating obstetric care into all medical services ensures our patients receive the best specialized care at any time during their pregnancy.

Making an appointment

All appointments in our clinics are available by appointment only. New patients can be referred by any licensed physician or registered midwife in Canada and are triaged according to urgency.

Referring a patient

To refer a patient, please fax our offices with your request. Please clearly delineate the gestational age or if the consult is for pre-pregnancy counselling or postpartum follow-up to assess with our triaging process. Please include all labs and documentation in your fax.

Contact Information

To contact any of the members of this division, please call 416-480-6100, and dial the following extentions: 

Clinics Extention Fax
General Internal Medicine - Outpatient Clinic: x6737 x6739
Pre-Operative Medical Consult Service x4290 x4563
Dr. Michelle Hladunewich x4773 x5755
Dr. Anne McLeod x5376 x6753
Dr. James Dubbin x4750 x5193
Dr. Candice Silversides (MSH) 416-340-3146 416-340-5014 or
Dr. Perla Lansang x4908 x6897
Infectious Diseases
Dr. Vanessa Allen x4549 x6845
Dr. Carl Laskin 416.593.9220 416.599.8624
Dr. Brian Murray (Sleep) x2461 x6092
Dr. Richard Swartz (Stroke) x4866 x5753
Dr. Lawrence Cohen x4725 x5977
Endocrinology/MFM Clinic x4805 x5774
Dr. Jeremy Gilbert x6771 x4072
Dr. Ilana Halperin 416-480-6056 416-480-5122
Dr. Shoba Sujana-Kumar (WCH) 416-323-6013 416-323-6534
Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe (WCH) 416-323-6013 416-323-6534
Dr. Baiju Shah x5914 x4250




Location and contact

Obstetrical Medicine division

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
2075 Bayview Avenue, 
Toronto, ON M4N 3M5

Phone: 416-480-5376
Fax: 416-480-6753

Division Head:
Dr. Anne McLeod