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Operating Room and Related Services


TrackOR is a Sunnybrook-built application which uses passive RFID technology and integrated data sources to track patient flow, improve workflows, increase data awareness and provide tools for stakeholder decision-making across the operating room and related services.

Example of TrackOR page
Public-facing OR status webpage (

In its public-facing capacity, TrackOR is a patient tracking tool for patient loved ones. The public OR status webpage provides loved ones with up-to-the-minute information on the patient’s movements throughout perioperative care areas, from admission to post-anesthetic care to final post-op destination, thereby facilitating family engagement.

Internally, OR and related services uses the application to encourage transparency of patient flow, improve data collection in peri-operative areas, and provide workflow summaries to stakeholders. TrackOR documentation has improved communication between the various staff involved in patient care throughout perioperative areas.

TrackOR real-time data provides:

  • Increased visibility and satisfaction for patient families, volunteers, and staff
  • Enhanced patient and phase of care visibility for other units
  • Updated workflow summaries for OR staff and surgeon
  • Ability to identify patients in transit (ie. left unit but not yet arrived)
  • Ability to track key performance indicators via historical trending
  • Ability to identify downstream bed requirements, allowing proactive planning of bed assignment and unit patient load

TrackOR Internal: Day summary Example
TrackOR internal: day summary

TrackOR Internal: OR Forecast
TrackOR internal: OR forecast