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Colour-coded uniforms?: survey results

Colour coded care infographic - plain text to follow

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Colour Coded Care?

We asked: Should staff have colour-coded uniforms? You answered, making this the most popular topic to date with over 1000 responses!

Yes to coloured uniforms: 58%

  • "You can walk on a ward and know who is a nurse and who is a doctor."
  • "Patients need easily identifiable hospital staff.”

No to coloured uniforms: 42%

  • "Not conducive to an inclusive environment, individuality would be lost…" 

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Colour-coded care archived survey

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Colour coded care?

Colour-coded uniforms: Yes or no?

Colour-coded uniforms will help patients identify their caregivers.

The average patient may encounter more than 10 different types of staff – from nurses to doctors to physiotherapists and many more.

Staff will also identify their colleagues more easily.

Busy hospital staff may also benefit by more easily recognizing different roles.

May boost patient comfort in asking questions.

Patients and families may appreciate easily identifying the roles of staff, so they can approach the right person with their question or concern.

Should Sunnybrook have color-coded uniforms to more easily identify staff roles?