Orthopaedic surgeons Dr. Paul Wong from Michael Garron Hospital and Dr. Markku Nousiainen from Sunnybrook  outside Sunnybrook’s Holland Centre

How to access our services

Information for patients and your primary care provider

Your primary care practitioner (i.e. nurse practitioner, doctor, etc.) can send a referral to us on your behalf. They can find our referral form:

What X-ray views are needed?

  • Knee: AP weight bearing, lateral of knee flexed at 30 degrees, and skyline
  • Hip: AP pelvis, AP and lateral of affected hip

MRIs are not required for diagnosing hip and knee arthritis.

Hip and knee arthritis program at the Holland Centre

Michael Garron hospital  Unity Health

Sinai Health  Sunnybrook hospital

Toronto Regional Arthroplasty Collaborative is a partnership between Sunnybrook’s Holland Centre, Michael Garron Hospital, Sinai Health and Unity Health.