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Interpretation services

You have the right to receive healthcare in your language.

Sunnybrook offers free professional interpretation services to our patients.

If you or a family member feel most comfortable communicating in a language other than English (including American Sign Language), you may need a professional interpreter (translator). Interpreters can help communication with your healthcare provider by ensuring that each party can express themselves comfortably and accurately in their preferred language.

There are three common types of interpretation: video, telephone, and face-to-face. Most of the time we use video and telephone interpretation.

There is no cost to you for the service.

Interpretation is available for all interactions with your health providers, including:

  • Short appointments or consultations of less than 30 minutes
  • Obtaining informed consent from a patient
  • Rare languages
  • Urgent/emergency encounters
  • After-hours/weekends

Interpreters are available for 180 spoken languages and American Sign Language (ASL).

More information

Clinic appointments or treatments

Your physician’s office or clinic will arrange for interpretation services on your behalf.

Tell them that you would like to use this service when they book the appointment, or fill out the form below to an interpreter can be booked in advance, if required.

Your healthcare provider will arrange the type of interpretation based on factors such as type of appointment, complexity and length of appointment, as well as availability of suitable interpreters.

Emergency Department

When you get here, tell the staff that you want Interpretation Services and the language you would like (including signed languages). There is a language selection card to help you communicate your language of preference.

American Sign Language

American Sign Language medical interpreters are available. Please use the form below or notify staff when you arrive.

Can my family translate or interpret for me?

For some appointments, it may be OK for a family member to translate or interpret. During an appointment where care decisions will be made or very complex medical information shared, a professional medical interpreter should be used. Your medical team can help with this.

You can ask for interpretation services now for your upcoming appointment. Please complete the form below by filling in each field so that our team can help you.