Total Hip Replacement Exercise Guide: Postoperative Information
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How to manage stairs

A handrail will make stairs easier and safer. Place one hand on the railing and hold cane(s) in your opposite hand. If you do not have a handrail, use one cane in each hand.

To go up the stairs:

  • Place the non-operated leg up on the first step
  • Use the cane/handrail to help step up
  • Bring the operated leg up to the same step

To go down the stairs:

  • Start at the edge of the step
  • Bring the cane and your operated leg down to the first step
  • Step down to the same step with the non-operated leg

Note:  Once you feel strong enough, you can go back to climbing the stairs normally: one foot on each step (it does not matter which foot moves first)

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