Centre for Neurovascular Intervention

Centre for Neurovascular Intervention

We are world leaders in neurovascular care. We're pioneering new diagnostic and treatment approaches, and we're leading in research. Our interprofessional team provides personalized and precise care.


Why Sunnybrook?

Minimally invasive techniques »

Medical and surgical care for patients with cerebrovascular diseases has changed greatly over the last two decades. The development of advanced diagnostic and endovascular techniques, and the continuous improvement of microsurgical techniques, now allow surgeons to treat very complex lesions in the brain and spine using small incisions, with much lower risk. Key advances include cutting-edge preoperative diagnostic imaging for precise surgical planning and intraoperative image guidance.

At Sunnybrook, patients with cerebrovascular diseases are treated using these minimally invasive techniques to minimize risk and maximize chances of recovery.

Multidisciplinary care »

Patients with cerebrovascular disease often require care from a multidisciplinary team and cannot be treated properly with a "one size fits all" approach.

At Sunnybrook's Centre for Neurovascular Intervention, we work closely with expert stroke neurologists, radiation oncologists, intensive care doctors, physiotherapists and many others to ensure the delivery of exceptional care during all phases of treatment and recovery.

Sunnybrook's Hurvitz Brain Sciences Program provides a full spectrum of care, including preventive measures to decrease the risk of stroke, along with acute stroke treatment, surgical and endovascular treatment of brain aneurysms, and psychiatric and physiatry care to help patients with sequela caused by neurovascular diseases.

Advanced diagnostic imaging methods »

Sunnybrook is a world leader in medical imaging research. As part of our Strategic Plan, we are committed to developing personalized and precise treatments, with a focus on image-guided therapy.

Our doctors and scientists are pushing the field forward by developing new modalities of medical imaging and image-guided treatments to improve care. A few examples are the development of focused ultrasound and our work with intravascular optic coherence tomography.

Rapid and easy access »

Navigating the complicated network of hospitals and specialists for cerebrovascular care can be challenging. This is why we developed a rapid referral process to facilitate access to care. One of our experts is always available to ensure we are there for patients, when it matters most.

Refer a patient »

If you are a patient and have an urgent issue, for your safety, please call 911 and/or go to the nearest emergency room for immediate help. A Sunnybrook neurovascular specialist can be contacted by the emergency doctor, if needed.



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