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Obsessive compulsive disorder

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Where to find mental health information and access to care »

Sunnybrook Family Navigation Project


  • find mental health services, help and support in your community



  • service database
  • 24/7 community information and referral helplines

Central Health Line

Homelessness & mental health: Toronto North Support Services

  • support services for vulnerable individuals on the street and in shelters

Where to find clinical supports at Sunnybrook »

Thompson Anxiety Disorders Centre

Sunnybrook Department of Psychiatry

Drop-in sessions and classes »

Drop-in resources for youth »

Diagnostic information and resources »

Mood Disorders Association of Ontario

  • free peer support and recovery programs for patients and families
  • diagnostic information

Canadian Mental Health Association

  • links to information and community support services

Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments

  • helpful informational links
  • links to resources

Academy of Cognitive Therapy

Beck Institute for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

International OCD Foundation

  • helping links, information and support for patients and families

Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

  • helpful links and information

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Children’s Mental Health Ontario

Here to Help

Helping Other Parents Everywhere (HOPE)

  • support and self-help groups for parents, guardians and relatives of young adults

Videos and podcasts »

Booklets and fact sheets »

Apps »

Disclaimer: we have not evaluated these apps. They are listed in alphabetical order, not order of effectiveness.

Calm - guided mindfulness meditation for smartphones and tablets; $13.99/month

Headspace - guided meditation for smartphones and tablets; free 10 day trial then $12.95/month Read more about Headspace: "The Science of Meditation" and "HeadSpace Research"

Live OCD Free - interactive application to guide users through Exposure-Response Prevention for iPhone; $39.99

MediSafe - medication reminder for smartphones and tablets; $6.99

nOCD - personalized mobile treatment tool for OCD for smartphones and smartwatches; $8.99/month

Pacifica - holistic tools to address stress, anxiety and depression for smartphones, tablets and web; free 7 day trial then $5.49/month

SuperBetter - helps build personal resilience for smartphones, tablets and web; free

Self-help books »

  • The OCD Workbook: Your guide to breaking free from obsessive-compulsive disorder (Hyman and Pedrick, New Harbinger Publications: 2010)
  • Getting over OCD: A 10-Step workbook for taking back your life (Abramowitz, Guilford Press: 2009)
  • Freedom from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A personalized recovery program for living with uncertainty (Grayson, Berkeley Trade: 2004)
  • Loving Someone with OCD: Help for you and your family (Landsman, Rupert's and Pedrick (2005)

Informational books »

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, 4th Edition: The Facts Series (Rachman and De Silva, Oxford University Press: 2009)
  • Understanding Mental Disorders: A Patient and Family Resource (American Psychiatric Association, 2015) - available in the Sunnybrook Library

Last updated: November 2016