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Get involved at Sunnybrook

Become a CRIB Family Advisor with the DAN Women & Babies Program

Sunnybrook's DAN Women and Babies Program has a Family Advisory Committee that provides input and feedback on the work of the program in areas such as family education, development of new initiatives, development of policies and more.

Become a Patient and Family Advisor at the Holland Centre

A Patient and Family Advisor is a volunteer who provides advice to the Holland Centre team so that we can meet the needs of our patients and their families in the best way possible.

Learn more about the position

Why does the Holland Centre have Patient and Family Advisors?

We are committed to providing patient and family centred care. We know that our patients and their families have a vital role in ensuring that their needs and priorities are included in all aspects of care. Our staff connect with Patient and Family Advisors to get their advice on important topics in our program.

What are ways I could participate?

Our advisors can choose from a number of roles. For example, we need advisors to be members on our Partners in Care Council or to be willing to be contacted for advice about new resources or services. You can also help by sharing your own recommendations and ideas to improve the patient experience.

What is the Partners in Care Council?

The Partners in Care Council consists of patient and family advisors and members of the Holland Centre team who meet several times a year to discuss a range of topics that will improve the experience of our patients and families.

What does a Patient and Family Advisor not do?

Advisors do not take on the cause of a specific patient or family member. It is important to remember that your role is to provide advice to the Holland Centre Program, guiding the decisions about how services and care are delivered.

What is the time commitment of a Patient and Family Advisor?

It depends on the role you choose. If you are interested in being on the Partners in Care Committee:

  • We meet 4-6 times a year at the Holland Centre
  • Meetings will be 1-2 hours
  • Meeting dates will be established based on what works best for most of the members

Or, you may decide to just provide your contact information and be willing to be contacted from time to time about your opinion on new resources or changes in care practices.

Do I qualify?

You qualify if you have the desire to take part in bringing meaningful change to the care and services provided at the Holland Centre. We are looking for previous Holland Centre patients or family members who:

  • Enjoy working with other people
  • Are good listeners
  • Respect diversity and are open-minded

How do I become a Patient and Family Advisor?

Please complete a Holland Centre Patient and Family Advisor application. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to discuss further.

For more information, contact us

Phone: 416-967-8538

Help us train our future doctors!

For anyone who has experienced a variety of health conditions

Patient volunteers are needed to give medical students a chance to practice interviewing and examination skills on real people. As Sunnybrook is fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, we have over 200 medical students undergoing their clinical training here under the University of Toronto Peters-Boyd Academy.

If you have experienced a variety of health conditions (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, epilepsy, thyroid conditions, asthma etc.) and are willing to speak about them and be examined by a medical student, please let us know. You do not need to have been a patient at Sunnybrook.

Commitment: Variable Friday mornings from January 15 to April 29, 2016, with potential for future engagement as needed. Bayview Campus (2075 Bayview Avenue)

If you are interested in applying to be a Patient Volunteer, please email or call Sonya at 416-480-4274

You will be asked to complete a Patient Volunteer Registration Form.

For patients who have had a surgical procedure at Sunnybrook in the past 4 months

We are looking for patients to help train our medical students.

You can help if you:

  • had a surgical procedure in the past 4 months at Sunnybrook where you were given general anesthetic (you were put to sleep)
  • can spend up to 3 days in our Simulation Centre with students and other teachers
  • want to help train our future medical doctors

You do not need health-care experience to volunteer. You will be asked about your recent surgery and given training to provide feedback to the students.

Contact us:

By email:
By phone: 416-480-4940