A meeting of patient advisors at Sunnybrook
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Building Capacity for Patient Engagement in Research:

Exploring Perspectives of Staff and Patients on Educational Supports and Resources

Are you a current or former patient at Sunnybrook who has received care within the last year?

Or, are you a caregiver of a current or former patient?

If so, we would like you to share your thoughts!

This study will require you to participate in an interview in person or by phone.

The interview will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes of your time.

To be eligible to participate, you must be:

  • A current or former Sunnybrook patient within the last year
  • OR a family member of a current or former patient
  • Be at least 18 years of age and be fluent in English
  • Be able to travel to Sunnybrook OR be reached by phone

If you are eligible and participate in the study, you will receive a $10 Tim Hortons gift card for participating. Your parking cost will be paid.

If you would like to participate, or have questions, please contact us at:

Principal Investigator: Lisa Di Prospero, Practice-Based Research & Innovation and Education Research Unit

This study has been approved by the Research Ethics Board, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre