Lymphedema is swelling that is caused by a large amount of lymph fluid in the tissues. This swelling can be the result of a tumor, surgery or radiation. Below you will find information about our class, videos, and resources available to help you manage your lymphedema.

» Introduction to lymphedema class

Join our virtual 'Introduction to Lymphedema' class offered every Thursday from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. This class is offered using Zoom.
This class will give you information about:
  • What lymphedema is
  • How to manage lymphedema


» Lymphedema video series

Part 1: The Lymphedema Clinic at the Odette Cancer Centre

Part 2: The lymphatic system and lymphedema
Part 3: How to manage lymphedema
Support and Resources from Lymphedema Association of Ontario
Adriana: My Experience with Cancer and Lymphedema
Exercise and Lymphedema
Tips and Strategies to Manage Your Lymphedema

» Living with Lymphedema PDF

To get a copy of our booklet, please email

» Lymphedema pathfinder

For other trusted resources about lymphedema, visit our Lymphedema pathfinder.

» Lymphedema Clinic