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Online lymphedema class

This group-based online patient education class is offered by the Odette Cancer Centre and will give you information about:

  • What lymphedema is
  • Signs and symptoms of lymphedema
  • Tips for reducing your risk of getting lymphedema
  • Strategies for managing the condition

Please email patienteducation@sunnybrook.ca to register.

videosVideos and podcasts

MacMillan Cancer Support (UK-based)

  • Watch a variety of videos on lymphedema such as what it is, treatment and management, compression garments, and more.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (US-based)

  • Watch a variety of videos on diet and lymphedema, exercise, travelling with lymphedema, and more.

Canadian Lymphedema Framework

  • Go to canadalymph.ca/videos to watch a variety of videos on lymphedema, including how to reduce your risk, and more.

Lymphedema Podcast

Odette Cancer Centre

  • Watch our Lymphedema video series that will go over the Lymphedema Clinic at Odette, the lymphatic system and lymphedema, and how to manage lymphedema.


Living with Lymphedema (Odette Cancer Centre)

  • Please drop by the PEARL (T-wing, 1st floor, by main reception) at Odette Cancer Centre to pick one up.

Managing Lymphedema for the Melanoma Patient (Melanoma Network of Canada)

  • Please go to melanomanetwork.ca/mncpub or drop by the PEARL (T-wing, 1st floor, by main reception) at Odette Cancer Centre to pick one up.

Books and articles

You can borrow these books from the Odette Cancer Centre/ Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre:

Please visit the PEARL Library (T-wing, 1st floor, by main reception) or call 416-480-4534 for more information.

  • The Complete Lymphedema Management and Nutrition Guide: Empowering Strategies, Supporting Recipes and Therapeutic Exercises, 2019

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Your Health Matters

Check out health.sunnybrook.ca/cancer for articles on a variety of related topics including:

Canadian Lymphedema Framework

Support services

Lymphedema Clinic Odette Cancer Centre (for Odette Cancer Centre patients only)

Telephone: 416-480-5000 ext. 81406

» View clinic website

Referral from your family doctor or oncologist (cancer doctor) is required. Attend a group class for general information about lymphedema and a one-on-one assessment to help you prevent and/or manage your lymphedema.

Odette Patient & Family Support

Telephone: 416-480-4623
Location: Odette Cancer Centre, TG-230 (T-wing, ground floor)

Free services to help you manage eating, stress, worry, financial concerns, changes in health, and daily activities.

Odette Nutrition Resource Centre

Telephone: 416-480-5000 ext. 3438
Location: Odette Cancer Centre TG-261 (T-wing, ground floor, across from Druxy’s)

» Visit website at sunnybrook.ca/cancernutrition

A free drop-in service where you can meet with clinical nutrition staff to review your diet, help with problems with eating and appetite, and answer any questions or concerns about nutrition.

Canadian Cancer Society

Toll-free: 1-888-939-3333
Website: cancer.ca/support 
Email: ccs@cancer.ca 

Free services including peer support, support groups, online communities, and a cancer information telephone line.

Lymphedema Association of Ontario

Telephone: 1-877-723-0033
Website: lymphontario.ca/Support-Groups
Email: info@lymphontario.ca 

Find a lymphedema support group near you.

Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre

Telephone: 905-579-4833
Website: hearthplace.org
Location: Oshawa, Ontario

Free emotional support such as a lymphedema support group, wellness programs, the Lymphedema Education and Assessment Program (LEAP), and more.


Telephone: 1-877-499-9904
Website: wellspring.ca
Location(s): Several, including Westerkirk House (Sunnybrook)

Free programs and services including Peer Support, exercise programs, and more.

more infoMore information

Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) Certified Lymphedema Therapists in Ontario

  • To find a Lymphedema Therapist certified in Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) near you, visit lymphontario.ca

While this information may be useful, it is intended for educational purposes only. Please continue to ask your health-care team if you have questions or concerns. For any other inquiries, please contact us at patienteducation@sunnybrook.ca.