Andrea with Physiotherapist Assistant, Cyndy
"Andrea works hard. She sets high goals and is then willing to do what it takes to reach them."
- Cyndy Head,
Physiotherapist Assistant

High School Cheerleader and Gymnast; Right-leg amputation

Andrea was an independent, vibrant high-school student looking forward to college. Then, a car accident changed her life. She lost her right leg below the knee. So in early June, instead of going to her senior prom, Andrea came to St. John's Rehab Hospital.

After such a traumatic event, learning how to walk again with a prosthetic leg was a tremendous achievement. But Andrea had an even more ambitious goal - she wanted to wear heels again. Well, like Andrea, at St. John's Rehab, we're always up for a challenge.

Her treatment team, which included physiotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists, a social worker and a psychologist, worked with Andrea to help her adapt to life. They created a customized recovery plan based on Andrea's specific goals. Then, over weeks and months of intensive therapy, they provided guidance and encouragement as Andrea moved from a wheelchair, to crutches and, eventually, to walking on her own.

In addition to specialized therapies, Andrea's recovery plan incorporated everyday activities - like carrying things up and down stairs - which helped her regain balance and confidence, and also prepared her for living independently.

Today, Andrea skips rope, drives a car and is planning to start jogging again. And, with a specially designed prosthesis, she can also walk proudly and confidently while wearing a pair of four-inch heels.