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Mary Jane

"After a year and countless hours of therapy,
I walked out the hospital doors on my own.
Now, my goal is to run again."
- Mary Jane

Mary Jane’s victory: a marathon recovery

Immobilized by a sudden stroke in the fall of 2008, Mary Jane's training for a half-marathon in Toronto came to an unexpected halt. Her neurologist told her the grim prognosis - she would never walk again. Distraught, but not defeated, Mary Jane worked with St. John's Rehab's team of expert rehab professionals on her road to recovery. One year later, she returned to an active life, including a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - she was part of the Olympic Torch relay.

Rehabilitation is an important part of healing. After suffering traumatic illnesses, such as strokes, patients must often re-learn simple everyday activities. At St. John's Rehab, survivors, such as Mary Jane, have a chance to regain their independence, mobility and endurance. Patients undergo intense, customized rehab treatment and receive extensive education on medication and nutrition in order to promote safety and optimal health.

Quality and Safe Care through Accreditation

As evidence of our continual commitment to excellent and safe patient care, a healthy organization and academic leadership, St. John's Rehab has received a three-year accreditation award from Accreditation Canada.

Accreditation is an external peer review process that uses nationally recognized standards to evaluate and continuously improve the quality of healthcare services. Accreditation strongly promotes involving patients in their care, and employing processes to ensure that patients receive safe care.

During a three-day on-site survey in October 2009, we were recognized for our commitment to developing individually customized inpatient and outpatient rehab services. The Accreditation Canada surveyors expressed that they were impressed with the strengths of the organization, including the hospital's "patient-focused approach, holistic care," "interprofessional integration," "strong team work" and "evidence-based practice," calling us an "organization that lives its values." Their report also highlighted our strengths in leadership, communications and relationships with the community.