Trudy and Lina

"Getting her off all those meds reduced the toll on her digestive system and, more importantly, her risk of negative interactions. This really improves her safety."

- Lina Agranatova, Pharmacis


Meet Trudy, retired Office Manager and colon cancer survivor

For almost 40 years, Trudy made sure that everything at her office ran smoothly and efficiently. When she came to St. John's Rehab after surgery for colon cancer, the rehabilitation experts in our oncology program helped her bring that same "can-do" spirit to managing her recovery.

St. John's Rehab offers the only oncology rehab program of its kind in Ontario. We support people dealing with the debilitating physical, emotional and psychological issues that come with cancer, through a focused, short-stay program. We work to help them rebuild their strength, their endurance and their hope for the future. Innovative oncology research is generously supported by the Orlando Corporation.

Trudy's positive attitude, loving family and the help and guidance she found at St. John's Rehab helped make her stay successful. She learned about self care and how to adjust to life. As part of the program, the team pharmacist helped Trudy manage her medications more effectively. After reviewing every medicine Trudy was taking, our pharmacist showed her how she could reduce dosages and stop taking some over-the-counter medicines.

Figuring out how to get Trudy from 15 pills a day to six - a lot easier to take in every sense - was just one of the ways in which we helped her return to an active, independent life. Cancer-free since January 2009, she is back at home with her husband. She cooks, drives, does everything on her own - and feels great.