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Smoking shelter: survey results

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Give Smokers Shelter?

We asked, you answered!

Should Sunnybrook install a designated smoking shelter on our Bayview campus?

37 stakeholders answered

73% said "YES" to a smoking shelter:

  • I don't know of a single smoker who doesn't understand the health risks of smoking. Please support the smokers who have not yet made the decision to quit.
  • Put notices in it about cessation programs.
  • This is a realistic and sympathetic resolution, allowing smokers a safe place while controlling where it takes place.
  • Forcing people to either have the stress of imposed quitting or suffer adverse weather conditions can't be helping recovery.

27% said "NO" to a smoking shelter:

  • It looks awful when people smoke in front of the hospital, providing a shelter will just increase the number of smokers seen
  • Smoking should neither be tolerated or enabled.
  • The money would be better spent encouraging smokers to quit or adapt alternate coping mechanisms in times of stress.
  • It seems contrary to good health and well-being to offer this. There are no guarantees that having a smoking shelter will prevent people from smoking on the property.

What's next?

The results will be reviewed by Sunnybrook's Senior Leadership Team, in consultation with important internal stakeholders, such as our Smoking Cessation Group. The hospital's decision will be shared over the next couple of months.



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Give Smokers Shelter infographic. Accessible text follows

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Give Smokers Shelter?

We want to hear from you

Sunnybrook is a smoke-free environment.

Smoking is prohibited at Sunnybrook inside the building, on its exterior grounds, parking garages, vehicles and bus shelters. This policy applies to staff, volunteers, students, patients and visitors. As a health care facility, we strive to prevent diseases that can be caused by smoking and second-hand smoke such as:

  • Lung cancer
  • Chronic pulmonary disease
  • Asthma
  • Other respiratory conditions

The reality

  • Patients, visitors and staff often walk out to Bayview Avenue, or down to Sunnybrook ravine, to smoke.
  • Smokers seen right in front of the hospital entrance.
  • The hospital does have authority to fine smokers on its grounds, who smoke within nine metres of a hospital entrance.
  • Stress: We hear from visitors that the stress of having seriously ill family members and friends causes distress, and smoking is part of their coping mechanism.
  • Fairness: Some have suggested that forcing people to go out to Bayview Avenue does not portray a caring, empathetic environment.
  • Duty: We feel that health care professionals have a duty to help people quit smoking.

Should Sunnybrook install a designated smoking shelter on hospital grounds?

Why or why not?

Tell us in the comment box below.