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Showering Before Surgery

It is very important to clean your skin before surgery to reduce the risk of infection. For your health and safety, you are required to shower twice before surgery using a surgical detergent.

You must have a shower the night before, and the morning of your surgery.

We ask that you use *Scrub-Stat 4% soap for both of these showers. Scrub-Stat 4% can be purchased at Sunnybrook pharmacy in a special size for lower cost.

If you have a reaction to Scrub-Stat 4%, rinse off and use a mild unscented soap instead. Tell hospital staff about your reaction when you arrive on the day of surgery.

Washing instructions:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo, but do not use conditioner. 
  • Wash your body from neck to feet with Scrub-Stat 4%, finishing with the groin and anal area.
  • Leave the soap on for two minutes, and then rinse your body well.

Be prepared:

  • Use a clean washcloth and towel with each shower.
  • Wear clean pajamas or clothes after each shower.
  • Sleep in clean bedsheets the evening before surgery.
  • Do not use Scrub-Stat 4% soap on your face or hair.
  • Do not apply body lotion, moisturizer, or powder after your shower.
  • Do not shave the area where you will be having surgery.

Thank you for following these important instructions.

*Alternative soap: Dexidin 4 - 115ml is available to order from local pharmacies without a prescription.

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