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Centre for Youth Bipolar Disorder
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Our services

Referral process

A referral can be made by a family doctor, pediatrician, or psychiatrist using the youth psychiatry referral form. The referring physician should fax the completed form to Denise Hayes at 416-480-6818.

Psychiatric consultations and assessments (for adolescents 13-18 years)

  • Our psychiatrists can provide consultations to other doctors about treatment options and diagnosis. Referrals can come from family doctors or can be requests for second-opinions from other psychiatrists. Referrals are evaluated to determine appropriateness and eligibility for CYBD. In some cases, the following additional services are also available.

Psychiatric monitoring and medication management

  • Patients can see our psychiatrists on an ongoing basis for medication management and monitoring.


  • Psychoeducation
    • Learning information about bipolar disorder, including symptoms, course of illness, causes, risk/protective factors, and more. This is a core form of psychotherapy for patients and families affected by bipolar disorder.
  • Individual therapy
    • Our Centre offers one-on-one therapy with a registered social worker that focuses on learning strategies to manage mood symptoms, stressors, and interpersonal relationships.
    • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)-informed, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)-informed, and Motivational Interviewing modalities are offered.
  • Family-focused therapy
    • Our Centre offers Family-Focused Therapy. This involves the patient’s family and includes 3 main components: psychoeducation, communication enhancement training, and problem-solving skills training.

Parent support group

  • Facilitated by our Centre's social workers, this group is offered one evening a month at Sunnybrook for parents of adolescents who are patients at our clinic. The main purpose of this group is to offer a supportive and validating environment in which parents feel comfortable sharing their experiences and providing support for one another.

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