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Confirmed nursing placement at Sunnybrook

All students who have a confirmed placement at Sunnybrook will receive an automated email from with log-in instructions to the new registration system. The registration system includes all online training modules, orientation information, returning student information etc.

If your school has confirmed you will be placed at Sunnybrook and they have confirmed this in HSPNet:

  1. Student registration emails will be generated from the system beginning August 19, 2021.

  2. Check your junk or spam folder for an email from
    • All emails will be sent to the email that your school enters on your behalf (usually school email address)

  3. Contact your school placement coordinator
    • Ask them to ensure your email has been release to Sunnybrook in HSPNet
    • If your school does not use HSPnet then ensure your placement coordinator has emailed your school email address to the nursing education coordinator, Tracy Howze-Innes

Please note: During student on-boarding periods (August to early September; December to early January; April to early May) student inquiry volumes are quite high. If you require assistance, please send your inquiry to Nursing Education is committed to returning your email as quickly as possible. Emails are preferred to phone calls.

Once I get my welcome email how do I know what orientation to attend?

All pre-grad and bridging nursing programs (new):

Choose a 'Virtual' mandatory orientation session that is listed in the event calendar in nirvsystem. You can pick one that works best with your schedule. You only attend one session.
Orientation will be 1 hour and 30 minutes.
(This excludes licensed any student who is a licensed RN in a post degree, midwifery, MN or NP program)

If you are a returning student from the last semester (Spring 2022 May - Aug) you may obtain an exemption to orientation by emailing

Clinical Instructors: You can register for clinical instructor orientation. If you cannot attend the sessions for clinical instructors you may attend the general orientation to get your questions answered. Clinical Instructor orientation will be 1 hour.

How do I pick up my Sunnybrook security ID badge?

All preceptored students can visit the 'New' Student Education Centre to pick up their ID badge at E350. (E-wing, 3rd floor).

Office hours: Monday to Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

You must have completed ALL your online requirements in order to pick up your badge.

What if I start my first shift outside of the Student Education Centre hours of operation?

Please email and let us know when you need to pick up your badge and arrangements can be made.