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Dr. Arjun

Envisioning New Ways ForwardVirtual Impact Series

Meet Sunnybrook experts at the forefront of research and innovation

This fall, Sunnybrook hosted a new Virtual Impact Series called “Envisioning New Ways Forward.” Participants had the opportunity to hear from our leading experts who are transforming patient care in our heart, brain and cancer programs. From innovative technology, groundbreaking research and new treatment methods - Sunnybrook experts are inventing the future of health care for patients when it matters most.

We invite you to view the recorded sessions below.

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Cardiac Innovations

A virtual discussion featuring three leading cardiac experts, who are pioneering innovative techniques at Sunnybrook. From minimally invasive, implantable devices to 3D mapping of a heart – Sunnybrook is changing the way we treat heart disease.

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Brain Resilience & Recovery

Sunnybrook experts are at the global forefront in exploring novel and innovative approaches to supporting brain resilience and recovery. This discussion explains how their work will enhance our understanding of neurodegeneration and pioneer new treatment methods to treat brain disorders as never before.

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Personalizing Cancer Care

Sunnybrook's leading cancer experts share how we are personalizing cancer care in this exciting virtual discussion. With innovative precision treatments and access to world-leading technologies, Sunnybrook is bringing the future of cancer care to patients today.

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