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Your Legacy,
Healing the Future

A gift to shape the care of tomorrow

While a legacy gift is often a quiet, altruistic act, it speaks volumes.

One of the greatest measures of a life is the world we leave to others. To heal, to transform, to save lives – there is no greater purpose, no impact more powerful. Your legacy gift will help Sunnybrook lead the way in research, treatment and care – saving lives now and providing new options to heal and save even more lives for future generations.

We appreciate your consideration to include Sunnybrook in your estate plans. Few decisions are as personal and significant as leaving a legacy gift. Our team is here to help.

You can find some resources and information on how you can leave a legacy gift through our partnership with Will Power; a national movement to inspire Canadians to make a meaningful philanthropic impact on the causes they care about with a gift in their Will.

Let us know of your legacy gift:

If you have remembered Sunnybrook with a legacy gift, we are truly grateful and hope you will share this information with us so we may thank you and ensure your legacy gift is used exactly as you wish.

Inform us of your legacy gift

Grandfather and granddaughter

Common Legacy Questions

If you are considering leaving a legacy gift to Sunnybrook. Here are some answers to the most common questions asked about leaving a gift in your Will.

Legacy Questions

Legal documents

For Professional Advisors

To make your client’s experience as simple as possible, we’ve compiled key information you may need to help them leave a gift to Sunnybrook, including our legal name, charitable registration number, and suggested Will wording.

Professional Advisors


Kilgour Legacy Society

The Kilgour Legacy Society recognizes the generosity of donors who support Sunnybrook in our efforts to invent the future of health care. By including Sunnybrook in your estate plans, you become a member of this extraordinary group of donors.

Kilgour Legacy Society

Meet Yvonne Pettit

Meet Yvonne Pettit

Yvonne chose to honour the exceptional care and compassion shown to her father and husband at the Veterans Centre with a planned gift that would ensure they are never be forgotten.

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Krueger family

Meet Jerry Krueger

Thanks to the care he received. Jerry is remembering Sunnybrook with a legacy gift that will impact future generations to come.

Read more
Israel Gewertz

Meet Israel Gewertz

Hardworking, principled and generous, Israel donated his estate to Sunnybrook’s Schulich Heart Program.

Read more
Israel Gewertz

Meet Terry O’Sullivan

Terry has always found time for Sunnybrook as a donor and volunteer.

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Other ways to remember Sunnybrook

Gift in Your Will

Leaving a Gift in Your Will

By remembering Sunnybrook in your Will, patients will benefit from your generosity that will continue to support innovative research and life-saving treatments for generations to come.

Every gift will make a difference.

Interested in remembering Sunnybrook with a gift in your Will? Download further information on leaving a gift in your Will, or call to speak with Christa Kelly at 416-816-5340.

Life insurance

Make a gift of life insurance

Through a gift of life insurance, you can make small payments today that add up to a larger gift for greater impact in the future. By working with your financial planner, you can structure a gift of life insurance in order to receive tax benefits today while Sunnybrook receives a significant gift in the future. Or, you may choose to structure a gift of life insurance that will provide tax benefit to your estate in the future.

To make a gift of life insurance, contact Christa Kelly at 416-816-5340 and your insurance provider to transfer ownership of a policy, create a new policy, or change the policy beneficiary to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Foundation.

Life beneficiary

Make Sunnybrook a life beneficiary

You can designate Sunnybrook as a beneficiary of your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF), Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), or life insurance policy. By doing so, your estate will gain access to tax credits for your beneficiaries to use.

Interested in remembering Sunnybrook as a life beneficiary? Download further information on life beneficiaries, or call to speak with Christa Kelly at 416-816-5340.

Charitable remainder trust

Name Sunnybrook in a charitable remainder trust

A charitable remainder trust produces a guaranteed income for life, along with a tax receipt upfront that you can use to offset other taxes in the current year.

Interested in remembering Sunnybrook through a charitable remainder trust? Download further information on charitable remainder trusts, or call to speak with Christa Kelly at 416-816-5340.

To discuss your legacy about including Sunnybrook in your estate plans, please contact Christa Kelly, Philanthropy Officer, Gift & Estate Planning, at 416-816-5340 or

Planned Giving publications

Sharing the impact of legacy gifts and how your estate plans help us advance research and care to save lives of future generations