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Planned Giving

Your legacy,
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A gift today, to shape the care of tomorrow

Many of us wonder if we will leave the world a better place. We wonder what our purpose here has been, and if we spent our time well. We wonder if we made a difference.

When you remember Sunnybrook in your Will, you can feel confident that you’ve made a difference.

With a gift in your Will or other legacy gifts such as life insurance, charitable annuity or charitable remainder trust, you can help Sunnybrook invent the future of health care. Your gift will enable our experts to discover treatments and cures, transforming how we treat patients and save lives tomorrow.

You can give future Canadians access to care that we can only dream about today.

A legacy gift to Sunnybrook is an extraordinary commitment to shape the future of health care. It’s a gift that will impact every facet of care in your community.

Thank you for considering Sunnybrook in your estate planning. Please inform us of your legacy gift by clicking here allowing us to thank you and welcome you to the Kilgour Legacy Society.

Click here for a confidential discussion about including Sunnybrook in your Will and other donation options.

Grandfather and granddaughter

Common Legacy Questions

If you’re thinking about creating a legacy gift to Sunnybrook, we expect you have some questions – and we’d like to help you answer them. Here are answers to the most common questions that are asked about leaving a gift in your Will.
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Legal documents

For Professional Advisors

To make your client’s experience as simple as possible, we’ve compiled the key information you might need to help them leave a gift to Sunnybrook, including our legal name, charitable registration number, and suggested codicil wording.
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The Kilgour Legacy Society

The Kilgour Legacy Society recognizes the tradition of human kindness that runs deep through Sunnybrook’s history – and continues to shape its future. By making a legacy gift – either a bequest, life insurance gift, charitable annuity or charitable remainder trust – you become a member of this group of committed donors.
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Yvonne Pettit

A family tradition

Sunnybrook holds a special place in Yvonne Pettit’s heart, which is why she did not hesitate to play a part in helping the hospital change the future of health care by creating a legacy gift in her Will.

Yvonne witnessed her father and her husband receive exemplary care at Sunnybrook. Creating a legacy gift in her Will was an extraordinary expression of her commitment to honour their experiences and make a difference in the lives of those who follow.

Giving back is something of a family tradition. Yvonne’s father served in the First World War, before being wounded and returning home to build his life in Toronto.

In Parkdale, he bought a variety store, where Yvonne pitched in, eventually working full time. Although she did not get the chance to finish high school, her gift for numbers laid the foundation for her later success.

Just before the outbreak of World War II, Yvonne met her future husband, Bill. But Bill had already signed up with the Royal Regiment of Canada, so their romance was put on hold. Badly injured at the Battle of Dieppe in 1942, Bill returned home for officer training – but not before proposing to Yvonne. He set off to Europe once more shortly after they married.

Yvonne juggled two jobs to prepare for Bill’s return, bookkeeping during the day and working at a local factory at night. When Bill returned, they bought a house with Yvonne’s savings, which she owned for the next 55 years. Bill joined Maple Leaf Mills, working his way to the top, and Yvonne ran her own business.

In the prime of a life well lived, Bill was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1993, and Yvonne devoted herself to his care. As the disease progressed, Sunnybrook stepped into Yvonne’s life for a second time. The dedicated professionals at Sunnybrook’s renowned Veterans Centre cared for Bill in his final days, and that kindness and professionalism did not go unnoticed by Yvonne.

She remembered how Sunnybrook had been there for her father, who was transferred there during his last days. When Bill passed away, Yvonne made the decision to honour the exceptional care and compassion shown to the people she loved most with a gift in her Will. Such a gift ensures they will never be forgotten.

Dr. William Tran

A personalized approach

Dr. William Tran wants to do more than treat breast cancer. He wants to predict it, so he can personalize his approach and completely transform how we care for one of the most common cancers in the world.

Groundbreaking research like this is made possible because of people who make a legacy gift in their Will to champion Sunnybrook’s personalized breast cancer program and its precision-based medicine.

“The research we’re conducting is entirely funded by generous Sunnybrook donors who have remembered us in their Will,” says Dr. Tran.

His team’s personalized approach to cancer care focuses on obtaining as much information as possible about tumours through rigorous imaging, innovative genetic mapping and high-tech cellular analysis. Using these advanced techniques, Sunnybrook oncologists and scientists are working together to identify biomarkers that determine not only how tumours behave, but also predict how well a patient will respond to treatment.

For patients like Claire, a personalized treatment plan has already made all the difference. When research revealed she was at a high risk for relapse, she opted for chemotherapy after her mastectomy. Now, she’s cancer-free and back to work.

With generous support provided by individuals who have made a legacy gift in their Will, Dr. Tran and his team are able to analyze the biomarkers of thousands of patients with state-of-the-art equipment that his team simply would not have access to otherwise.

“My team and I are so grateful to the supporters of Sunnybook who, years ago, made the decision to include a gift to our hospital in their estate plans,” says Dr. Tran. “We are also inspired by those who are making the same decision today to provide future support to important research.”

Carol and Ian

After 33 magical years, it was time to say goodbye to the cottage

Ian and Carol Telford had spent summer after summer at their cottage near Gravenhurst, revelling in serene early morning paddles and afternoons spent floating in the cool lake water. But the maintenance on the property had become too much to handle, so they’d decided to put the cottage on the market.

In those three decades, the couple discovered that cottage’s value had grown significantly – and Ian and Carol found themselves with an unexpected windfall.

The Telfords had both had long careers as high-school teachers in Toronto, and they were now comfortably retired. So, they decided to use the money from the cottage to make their annual gift to Sunnybrook. They chose to support cancer research: a cause close to their hearts, as Ian had received excellent care through the successful treatment of prostate cancer.

Not only that, but it gave Carol and Ian another idea: if their cottage had appreciated so much, other assets – like their home – surely had as well. That’s when they decided to include a gift in their Will to Sunnybrook. They feel confident that they’re a part of inventing the future of healthcare, and that their generosity will make a world of difference for the generations that follow.

Common Legacy Questions

Common Legacy Questions

Who can leave a gift in their Will?
Some people think that including a gift to charity in their Will is only an option for the very wealthy. That isn’t the case! The truth is that anyone can leave a gift of any size in their Will to a charity they care about. If you believe in the importance of health care, then you can make a gift in your Will to Sunnybrook. It’s as simple as that.

Isn’t it better to help now, and not later?
A gift in a Will is just a different way of helping. What makes it so special is that it often allows you to give much more than you could during your lifetime. That’s because a gift in your Will includes all of your assets – including things like real estate or investments, which are often overlooked when you consider how much money you have. When you think about your whole estate, you might find that your total net worth is more than you thought – which means you can make an even bigger difference.

Why is it important to leave a gift to charity in my Will?
A gift in your Will is important for two reasons. First and foremost, it’s a way for you to leave a lasting footprint of kindness and compassion in the world by donating to a cause you care about. Donors tell us how wonderful they feel knowing that their support for Sunnybrook can continue, even after they’re gone.

Second, it creates vital funding for health care needs: from research, to equipment, to treatment, and everything in between. Gifts in Wills are the foundation for healing and saving countless lives.

How will Sunnybrook use my gift?
We promise to use your gift wisely and carefully to shape the future of health care. You might help us uncover a new way to perform brain surgery. Your donation might find a way to reverse heart disease. In other words, a gift will touch patients who pass through these doors for years to come.

How can I leave a gift to charity and provide for my loved ones?
There are many ways to make sure your loved ones are taken care of along with remembering a charity in your Will. A popular option is called a residual gift. That means you take care of your family, friends, and neighbours first, along with any debts, before leaving whatever is left to Sunnybrook.

What if I already have a Will?
If you already have a Will, and you’d like to add a gift to Sunnybrook, you can use special legal document called a codicil that can be added to your new or existing Will.

Sample codicil for Residual Gift: “My trustees shall deliver, pay or transfer a portion of the residue of my estate to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Foundation.”

Sample codicil for a Fixed Amount Gift: “I give to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Foundation the sum of $______ to be used for its general purposes.”

Download further information on gifts in your Will, or call to speak with Tammy Garcia, Manager, Gift & Estate Planning, 416-480-6100 ext. 89328 or email

For Professional Advisors

For Professional Advisors

Our legal name is: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Foundation

Our charitable registration number is: 89920 9118 RR0001

A codicil is legal language which can be used to include Sunnybrook in your estate plans. It can be added to a new or existing Will, and it helps describe the type of gift you’d like to make.

Residual Gift: You can give a percentage of your estate, less your debts. Another way to think of a residual gift is to think of your estate like a pie, with slices going to your loved ones, debts, and charities of your choice. If you’re not certain about the total size of your estate, this is a safe solution to make sure your estate can meet all your needs.

Sample codicil: “My trustees shall deliver, pay or transfer a portion of the residue of my estate to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Foundation.”

Fixed Amount Gift: You can designate a fixed amount of money to be given to Sunnybrook.

Sample codicil: “I give to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Foundation the sum of $______ to be used for its general purposes.”

If your client has included a legacy gift to Sunnybrook and is willing to let us know, kindly have them complete this legacy gift confirmation form, or contact Tammy Garcia at 416-480-6100 ext. 89328 or, so we may express our appreciation and welcome them as a member of the Kilgour Legacy Society

The Kilgour Legacy Society

The Kilgour Legacy Society

The Kilgour Legacy Society was founded to honour and celebrate individuals who have chosen to shape the future of health care by remembering Sunnybrook with a legacy gift such as a gift in their Will.

The Kilgour Legacy Society is named after Alice Kilgour, who donated the very land Sunnybrook stands on from the estate of her husband, Joseph, to build a hospital for veterans. When you confirm your intention to leave a gift in your Will, or other type of legacy gift, of any amount to Sunnybrook, you become a part of this group of exceptional donors.

Benefits of Kilgour Legacy Society membership include:

  • a special pin as a token of our appreciation
  • exclusive invitations to special Sunnybrook events
  • regular updates on what’s happening at Sunnybrook
  • your name listed in our annual Impact Report and on our donor wall, if you choose

Over 80 years ago Sunnybrook started on a foundation of compassion. As a member of the Kilgour Legacy Society you become a part of that legacy of kindness – and you carry it forward, for the generations to come.

Let us thank you if you have included a legacy gift to Sunnybrook in your estate plans. Kindly complete this legacy gift confirmation form or contact Tammy Garcia at 416-480-6100 ext. 89328 or email, so we may welcome you as a member of the Kilgour Legacy Society.

Meet Yvonne Pettit

Meet Yvonne Pettit

Yvonne chose to honour the exceptional care and compassion shown to her father and husband at the Veterans Centre with a planned gift that would ensure they will never be forgotten.

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Dr. William Tran

Meet Dr. William Tran

Our research on biomarkers, funded through donors who made a gift in their Will, is transforming how we treat breast cancer patients.

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Carol and Ian

Meet Carol and Ian

When the Telfords decided it was time to sell the family cottage, they were surprised to find how much it had appreciated in value – and it gave them an idea for giving back.

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Other ways to remember Sunnybrook

Life insurance

Make a gift of life insurance

Through a gift of life insurance, you can make small payments today that add up to a larger gift for greater impact in the future. By working with your financial planner, you can structure a gift of life insurance in order to receive tax benefits today while Sunnybrook receives a significant gift in the future. Or, you may choose to structure a gift of life insurance that will provide tax benefit to your estate in the future.

Interested in remembering Sunnybrook with a gift of life insurance? Download further information on gifts of life insurance.

Life beneficiary

Make Sunnybrook a life beneficiary

You can designate Sunnybrook as a beneficiary of your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF), Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), or life insurance policy. By doing so, your estate will gain access to tax credits for your beneficiaries to use.

Interested in remembering Sunnybrook as a life beneficiary? Download further information on life beneficiaries.

Charitable annuity

Create a charitable annuity with Sunnybrook

Through a charitable annuity, you are assured a guaranteed income for life in exchange for a transfer of assets. You’ll immediately receive a tax receipt for your donation, and the income you’ll receive in the years that follow is tax-free as well.

Interested in remembering Sunnybrook with a charitable annuity? Download further information on charitable annuities.

Charitable remainder trust

Name Sunnybrook in a charitable remainder trust

A charitable remainder trust produces a guaranteed income for life, along with a tax receipt upfront that you can use to offset other taxes in the current year.

Interested in remembering Sunnybrook through a charitable remainder trust? Download further information on charitable remainder trusts.

How to setup your legacy gift

For a confidential discussion about including Sunnybrook in your Will, donation options, recognition opportunities or exploring the patient care areas of Sunnybrook, please contact Tammy Garcia, Manager, Gift & Estate Planning, 416-480-6100 ext. 89328 or