The future of
rehabilitation research

St. John's Rehab Hospital
Donor support is helping to advance the work of St. John’s Rehab researchers

For more than 20 years, the generous support of Mr. John C. Eaton, O.Ont, and Sally Horsfall Eaton, C.M., through their Foundation, has transformed Sunnybrook’s St. John’s Rehab, touching the lives of patients and their loved ones on their road to recovery and moving the dial forward on the future of rehabilitation research and care.

Thanks to the Eaton family’s leadership investments and the broad support of donors to St. John’s Rehab, program chief Dr. Larry Robinson and his expert team are rebuilding lives and emerging as national leaders in patient-centred specialized rehabilitation.

As past Chair of St. John’s Rehab Hospital, I send my heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Larry Robinson and his team for all of their amazing accomplishments, and to Sunnybrook for the outstanding success of the merger of the two hospitals,” says Sally. “John joins me in sending our best wishes to all!”

As the inaugural John and Sally Eaton Chair in Rehabilitation Research, Dr. Robinson has prioritized a whole-person approach to rehabilitation care that centres mind, body and spirit in the recovery process.

By leveraging support from the Chair, Dr. Robinson has built a powerful research team that includes physiatrist Dr. Amanda Mayo, a specialist in care of patients with amputations, and Sander Hitzig, PhD, who studies psychosocial outcomes after rehabilitation. In 2018, psychiatrist Dr. Rosalie Steinberg, who is leading a promising study of inpatient group therapy, joined the team, and Dr. Robert Simpson, a physiatrist with an interest in integrated care, was recently recruited from Scotland. In fall 2019, St. John’s Rehab welcomed an expert in the well-being of patients and caregivers, Marina Wasilewski, PhD.

Rehabilitation Milestones
Rehabilitation Milestones.