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Current Projects

Current projects are listed on our Research Page

Graduate Student Program and Training Opportunities

The program is designed to develop the better diagnostics and treatments in Brain and Mental Health – an area, which represents a huge social and economic burden worldwide.

MSc candidates are welcome to write to Dr. Stephen Choi at any time, and should apply through the Institute of Medical Sciences.
As a ‘bilingual scientist’ and a physician who sees patients and can bring understanding of disease, Dr. Choi has a strong interest to bridge a pre-clinical and clinical research to enable knowledge transfer of perioperative brain health discoveries into the clinic.

Postdoctoral & graduate candidates are welcome to write to Dr. Beverley A. Orser at any time. Graduate students should apply through the Department of Physiology, University of Toronto.

Qualified candidates should have a background in one or more of the following areas: translational neuroscience, neurological and anesthesia-related disorders, neurotransmitter receptors, extrasynapticGABAA receptors, physiology.

Experience and skills in one or more following techniques is essential: electrophysiology (in vitro or in vivo), whole-cell patch clamp recording in brain slices, biochemistry, cell biology, optogenetic, imaging, and animal behavioral assays.

Educational Observerships

Professional Development and Continuing Education oversees our Educational Observerships

Perioperative Brain Health Centre Summer Student program

We are offering matching summer studentships through the Sunnybrook Research Institute