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Perioperative cognition study

To enroll:

Please contact Dr. Lilia Kaustov (study coordinator).

We are looking for study participants who are:

60 years of age or older and undergoing open heart surgery at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
50 years of age older and undergoing a hip or knee replacement at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


Perioperative neurocognitive dysfunction, including delirium and other cognitive disorders, are common adverse events following surgery. These can affect memory, thought processes and awareness either transiently or for periods of months to years, and can lead to longer hospital stays, decline in functional independence and permanent disorders such as dementia.

There are no proven treatments to prevent these disorders, but you can make a difference. We are seeking volunteers undergoing heart, hip or knee surgery at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre for two studies: CODEX, studying the effect of a widely used medication, dexmedetomidine, on perioperative cognition in cardiac surgical patients; and COGNIGRAM, assessing the cognitive status in patients undergoing major joint surgery using a standardized cognitive test.

Enroll today to help us gain a better understanding of how perioperative neurocognitive dysfunction can be prevented. Please note that out of pocket expenses will be covered.

This study may involve:

Completing a few questionnaires, as well as a brief, 20-minute computerized cognitive test before your operation and again during your hospital stay and at 3, 6, and 12 months later via phone.

Prinicpal investigator:

Dr. Stephen Choi

For more information visit:

Please visit our website: