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Partnering with St. John’s Rehab Research

How patients and families can get involved

At St. John’s Rehab, we do research that helps patients and families live the best quality of life when faced with injury and illness. If you take part in our research, we can make this happen!

What is patient and family engagement?

  • Your experiences will drive rehabilitation research.
  • Patients and their families will have a voice as equal partners in research.
  • St. John’s Rehab researchers, patients, and families will work together as one team.

Why is it important?

  • Patients’ and families’ experiences are the important stories behind the data.
  • Patients’ and families’ needs can be better met through the research we do.
  • Promotes equality and partnerships between patients, families, researchers, and healthcare providers.

How can I take part?

Share your experience

  • Tell us what is important to you and your family.
  • Tell us about your experiences with care.

Review our research

  • Based on your experiences, provide feedback on our research proposals and results.

Spread the word

  • Let others know about our research and invite them to participate.

Other frequently asked questions

What is the time commitment?

Each task is different. This will mean that the time will change from one task to another, but no individual task will take longer than two hours (e.g. reviewing research material, attending a meeting). We will always be as flexible as possible and work around your schedule.

Will this cost me anything?

We will cover your TTC and parking costs for any researchrelated activities.

Will I have to travel a lot?

No. You can always “telecommute” (e.g. call into meetings or use video conferencing).

I don't know a lot about research. Can I still be involved?

Yes! Your experiences and perspectives are important to help us decide on research priorities. We will offer lots of support and learning opportunities when it comes to the ‘nuts and bolts’ of research.

Meet our researchers

Dr. Sander Hitzig
Dr. Sander L. Hitzig
416-226-6780 (ext. 57177)

Dr. Marina Wasilewski

Dr. Marina B. Wasilewski
416-226-6780 (ext. 57957)

Mailing Address:
St. John’s Rehab Research Program
285 Cummer Avenue, Room B105a,
Toronto, ON. M2M-2G1