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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Research

Sunnybrook research staff Sunnybrook Research Institute senior scientist Dr. Isabelle Aubert (back row, centre) and members of her lab. Aubert is also a professor at the University of Toronto, in the department of laboratory medicine and pathobiology, where she serves as the department's diversity and inclusion officer.

Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Sound policies and practices informed by EDI principles improve access to the largest pool of qualified candidates, enhance the integrity of application and selection processes, and promote excellence in research.

In alignment with the priorities of federal and provincial granting agencies, SRI has implemented EDI initiatives for institution-led proposals for funding. These are applications to funding programs where SRI must be selective in nominating candidates for institutional endorsement. Examples include the Canada Research Chairs (CRC) Program, awards from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Banting postdoctoral fellowships, Ontario government awards and tri-council funding grants.

Sunnybrook Research Institute is working with the University of Toronto and its affiliated hospitals to meet the CRC Program’s equity, diversity and inclusion public accountability and transparency requirements. It has adapted institutional practices for the recruitment and nomination of research chairs. Read more about that work, including guidelines for the selection and nomination of Canada Research Chairs at SRI, and the institute’s EDI action plan.

At SRI, the strategic research programs office is responsible for EDI initiatives related to institution-led research activities. This office has staff with expertise in the EDI requirements of federal and provincial research funding agencies. It ensures that principles of openness, transparency and equity are applied to all funding programs.

In the selection and endorsement of candidates for institution-led funding applications, SRI ensures the following:

  • transparent and open selection processes
  • unconscious bias training is undertaken by all people involved in the process
  • diverse selection committees
  • declaration and management of any conflict of interest involving members of selection committees
  • equity data are collected (currently only for CRC selection and nominations)
  • involvement of an SRI equity officer throughout the processes.

Sunnybrook Research Institute also promotes EDI in its communications. Visit the news and stories section to read stories with a focus on EDI in research.

For matters related to EDI in employment at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Sunnybrook Research Institute, contact Erin Miller, Chief Human Resources Officer, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.