Image-guided surgery facility

This facility integrates essential preclinical imaging modalities, including magnetic resonance, ultrasound, X-ray and computed tomography, with state-of-the art surgery suites. Research teams are developing and optimizing minimally invasive procedures for musculoskeletal and cardiovascular surgery, and noninvasive imaging methods for brain, cardiac and cancer applications.

Few labs in the world are designed either for computer-assisted surgical musculoskeletal applications or to study large preclinical models of cardiovascular disease. This facility enables both, with some unique applications, like the integration of imaging for device guidance and targeted development of large preclinical models of occlusive vascular disease.

Moreover, it goes further, by combining different kinds of specialized imaging technology (like cone-beam computed tomography and 3-D ultrasound) to develop minimally invasive and more precise procedures. The aim here is to lower the risk associated with surgery, thereby resulting in better outcomes, fewer complications, shorter hospital stays and lower costs to the health care system.