The $160-million Centre for Research in Image-Guided Therapeutics (CeRIGT) was established by a $75-million investment by the Canada Foundation for Innovation through its Research Hospital Fund and associated Infrastructure Operating Fund. Of this, $57 million is to build CeRIGT; the remainder to operate the infrastructure.

In the Research Hospital Fund competition, the International Assessment Committee responsible for recommending funding to the CFI’s Board of directors noted that in this era of translational medicine, world-class imaging science is an essential enabling technology, and Sunnybrook Research Institute is in a “position of strength” in this field. They further noted: “A unique advantage of this proposal is the established group of imaging experts of international calibre. The research proposed was deemed innovative and presented intriguing scientific ideas to be examined.”

Additional support comes from the Ontario government, our industry partners and donations from our patrons and the community. 

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