Principal investigator

Research business manager

  • Jenny Yeow - Jenny brings to the team an Hon. B.Sc. in microbiology and immunology (University of Toronto), M.Sc. in laboratory medicine and pathobiology (U of T), and MBA in finance and international business (Schulich School of Business, York University). Jenny leads the financial and business aspects of the Biophotonics and Bioengineering Laboratory (BBL). She manages administrative and budgetary operations, and designs, develops and maintains tools to facilitate and enhance performance of research administrative processes. 

Research scientist

  • Dr. Peter Siegler - Dr. Siegler has a PhD in physics from Heidelberg University, in Germany. He is an expert in medical imaging with a focus in magnetic resonance and tomographic imaging. He established the technique of supine breast magnetic resonance imaging at Sunnybrook and has worked as a research scientist at a successful medical device company. Dr. Siegler's area of expertise focuses on medical imaging-including software algorithm development and hardware design.

Research engineer

  • Timothy Luk - Timothy received his BA.Sc. in engineering science from the University of Toronto in 2009. He completed his M.Sc. in 2013 in biomedical physics at Ryerson University under the co-supervision of Dr. Victor Yang and Dr. Michael Kolios. His research interests are biophotonics, medical imaging, fluorescence microscopy, optical coherence tomography (OCT) and brain tumour imaging.

Postdoctoral fellow

  • Dr. Carry Sun - Dr. Sun received her B.Eng. and master's in engineering from Tianjin University (China), and her PhD from Ryerson University. She joined the BBL as a postdoctoral fellow in 2010, and she holds a Mitacs Elevate postdoctoral fellowship at U of T. She has experience with various optical nondestructive testing techniques, including speckle pattern shearing interferometry (shearography), structured light (digital fringe projection), digital image correlation and shadow moiré. Her research interests are ultra-high-speed OCT systems, optical coherence elastography (OCE), intravascular OCT and vascular mechanics. 

PhD candidates

  • Barry Vuong - Barry received his B.Eng. in electrical engineering from Ryerson University in 2007 and a masters of applied science in electrical engineering in 2009. Barry is currently pursuing a PhD in electrical engineering at Ryerson University. His work is focused around the development of OCT systems and devices that allow medical doctors to detect cancer, as well as have the confidence to remove surgically tumours from the patient. These systems and devices consist of polarization-sensitive OCT, catheters, needle probes and ultrasound/OCT integration for point of care.  
  • Kenneth Lee - Kenneth received his BA.Sc. in engineering science from the U of T in 2009. He is currently a PhD candidate in electrical and computer engineering at U of T, co-supervised by Dr. Yang and Prof. Peter Herman. His research focuses on laser advanced material processing for smart catheter applications, which involves improving conducting polymer acutators' bending response and fabricating optical strain sensors. Kenneth is also interested in graphics processing unit-accelerated massively parallel data processing, and has applied it to real-time processing and visualization of functional OCT. 
  • Kyle Cheng - Kyle has been an active researcher for more than five years in biomedical imaging and photonics. He has experience in magnetic resonance imaging, nonlinear fiber optics, OCT and intravascular OCT. He also has extensive experience in preclinical imaging studies. 
  • Antonio Mauro - Antonio received a B.Eng. in aerospace engineering with a specialization in space systems from Ryerson University. He went on to complete a masters in biomedical physics. Antonio is working toward a PhD in medical science at U of T's Institute of Medical Science as a member of the Cardiovascular Sciences Collaborative Program. His thesis topic is high-throughput analysis of compound efficacy targeting zebrafish vascular development. 
  • Jamil Jivraj - Jamil received his B.Eng. in electrical engineering in 2010 and MA.Sc. in electrical and computer engineering in 2013, both from Ryerson University. He is a PhD student under the co-supervision of Drs. Victor Yang and James Smith. His research interests include medical robotics, legged robotics and medical imaging. 
  • Ronnie Wong - Ronnie received his B.Eng. in electrical and computer engineering from Ryerson University in 2009. He then completed his MA.Sc. in electrical and computer engineering in 2012. Ronnie is enrolled in the PhD program under the supervision of Dr. Yang and Dr. James Smith. His research interest is in the field of surgical robotics and advanced control algorithms.