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About the burn research and skin regeneration lab

Burn research and skin regeneration lab

Within the lab there are two active groups, one focusing on skin stem cells and skin regeneration, and the other on immune-metabolism aspects of burn.

The stem cell and skin regeneration group uses in vitro and in vivo approaches to shed light on the process of healing after a burn injury. The group uses different sources of stem cells in the lab to create a skin substitute that can be used on patients with burns. The focus is to find new sources of stem cells and the combinations of those cells in search of an optimal approach to manufacture skin substitutes by using different 3-D format approaches such as printing stem cells.

The immunometabolism group seeks to identify the agents that mediate profound metabolic alterations and understand how they do this in burn patients. In particular, the group is interested in communication between different metabolic organs (mainly the liver and adipose tissue) and inflammatory cells in the installation of hypermetabolism and its complications.