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Wireless mobility

Wireless mobility: Mapping long-term mood variations in bipolar mood disorder (1999–2003)

The Centre for Mobile Computing in Mental Health developed mental health telemetry software VADIS, and used this software on Kyocera pdQ1900 smartphones to administer self-report questionnaires twice-daily over 18 months. Nineteen patients with rapidly cycling bipolar disorder and 19 healthy people (controls) participated in the study. The patients' experiences of depression, mania and anxiety were tracked to chart how intensely they were experiencing symptoms.

Results have been reported at scholarly meetings and in publications; additional analysis is ongoing.

The project was funded by the Bell University Labs at the University of Toronto and Palm Canada Inc.

Selected publications:

    • Kreindler D, Lumsden CJ, Levitt A, Woolridge N. Portable Mood Mapping: The Validity and Reliability of Analog Scale Displays for Mood Assessment via Hand Held Computer. Psychiatry Research 2003;120:165–77.
  • Kreindler D, Levitt A, Lumsden CJ. Collecting Extended and Accurate Mood Self-Report Time Series Data Using Wireless Handheld Telemetry in Bipolar Disorder. Presented at the 54th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Psychiatric Association. Montreal, 2004.