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Mood changes and daily life

Mood changes and daily life (MiDL) (2004–2008)

Researchers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Women's College Hospital used the Centre for Mobile Computing in Mental Health's VADIS mental health telemetry software on Palm Treo 650 smartphones to follow the mood symptoms of 107 women prospectively over six months each, to see if menstruation-linked cycling of mood or other symptoms occur.

This project was completed in collaboration with principal investigator Sarah E. Romans from Women's College Hospital; Nili Benazon and Brenda Toner from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health; Donna E. Stewart and Sheila E. Laredo from Women's College Hospital; Kathryn Morgan from the University of Toronto's department of philosophy; and Gillian Einstein from U of T's department of psychology.

Funding was provided by the Canadian Institute of Health Research.

Results of this study have been published in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics (2013).