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Imaging in real-time

Real-time project

The real-time project is a joint project between Stanford and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. We are using the challenge of imaging coronary vessels to motivate the development of our real-time imaging capabilities.

Projects include:

  • General development of a real-time MR platform - Juan Santos
    J.M. Santos, G.A. Wright, P.C. Yang, C.H. Cunningham, R.W. Schaffer, M.V. McConnell, B.S. Hu, J.M. Pauly, “Integrated Real-Time Localization for Magnetic Resonance Coronary Angiography”, in revision for IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging, April 2004.
  • Real-time pre-scan to optimize coronary imaging parameters - Jeff Stainsby
    J.A. Stainsby, M.S Sussman, M.L. Flexman, G.A. Wright, “Real-time Magnetic Resonance with Physiologic Monitoring for Improved Scan Localization”, in press at Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, November 2004
  • Simultaneous acquisition of motion data while acquiring high quality coronary data - Marshall Sussman
    M.S. Sussman, N. Robert, G.A. Wright, “Adaptive Averaging for Improved SNR in Real-Time Coronary Artery MRI”, IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging, 28(8), 1034-1045, August 2004.

Ongoing projects