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Past High School Student Projects

Engineering and technology development

  • Designing and building circuit boards
  • Design of a verification system for multichannel phased array
  • Miniaturisation of high-intensity focused ultrasound amplifier electronics using gallium nitride technology

Experimental work

  • Focused ultrasound hyperthermia using acoustic lenses for heating large tissue volumes: a simulation study
  • Activation of nanodroplets for drug delivery


  • Skull segmentation for real-time monitoring of acoustic emissions during transcranial focused ultrasound therapy and stroke therapy
  • Graphics processing unit-based beamforming for real-time microbubble mapping during focused ultrasound therapy
  • Develop and test the accuracy of a photogrammetry-based image registration pipeline
  • Develop graphical user interface for bench top equipment tests


  • Effects of focused ultrasound on glial cell activation in a model of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Effects of focused ultrasound on beta-amyloid plaques in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Studying the effects of focused ultrasound on neuromodulation using microscopy