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About the X-ray imaging research group

X-ray imaging research group at Sunnybrook Research Institute
High-resolution X-ray images
of a Lincoln head penny acquired
using an a-Se X-ray detector

The X-ray imaging research group is under the direction of Dr. John Rowlands from the department of medical biophysics at the University of Toronto.

Our group’s research involves the physics of medical X-ray imaging and positron emission tomography (PET). We investigate electronic methods of acquiring, processing and improving the quality of X-ray and PET images.

Our research focuses on the physics of amorphous selenium (a-Se). A-Se has many properties that suit it to being used as a photoconductor for X-ray and PET imaging detectors. When ionizing radiation interacts with a-Se, the radiation is directly converted to charges. These charges then move under the applied electric field to create an electronic image.

Principal investigator

Dr. John Rowlands
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