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SRI Magazine 2016

SRI Magazine 2016

Target: Cancer

Target: Cancer

Researchers are taking precise aim at a ruthless, invasive and pervasive killer



Timing Is Everything

Have gestational diabetes? Timing of delivery matters

Maternal-fetal specialists pinpoint which week is safest for baby


CO-OP-erative Strategy Shows Success in Stroke

Optimizing rehab for stroke patients

New therapeutic technique called CO-OP strives to have more meaningful impact on skills


PoP! Goes the Funding

Innovative technologies need early-stage investment

Proof of principle funding is important to get medical products to market



All for One

All for one

How are labs like home away from homes?


Ask a scientist

Ask a scientist

How do you dial down the stress after a challenging day?

Insight into obstacles facing today’s researchers


Facts & stats

Quick stats

Quick statistics




Dr. Meaghan O'Reilly