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SRI Magazine 2016

SRI Magazine 2016

Target: Cancer

Target cancer

Researchers in the Odette Cancer Program at Sunnybrook are taking precise aim at a ruthless, invasive and pervasive killer. They seek to master it, while making care for patients better now

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Knowledge is Strength

Studies help blood cancer patients make treatment decisions
New risk score is more comprehensive than previous one, and only chemotherapy in early-stage disease a viable option for some

Overcoming Treatment Resistance

Overcoming treatment resistance in cancer
Therapy can simply stop working, to devastating end. New research gets closer to why

The Doctor Can Aspirate You Now

How can we speed up biopsy for thyroid cancer?
Specialist backs doing it in the clinic using ultrasound

Spot On

Targeted therapy for lung cancer helps stem progression and is easier to tolerate
Research leads to new guidelines and moves therapy closer to being funded

Focal Hero

A new kind of radiotherapy kills brain tumours with pinpoint precision
Researchers say it will only get better once they add MRI to the mix

It's Personal

Individualizing breast cancer therapy
New technologies can deliver highly specific information about a therapy’s effectiveness in days, not months; and help women with DCIS decide on the best course of action

Man by Man

"Bespoke" prostate cancer treatment
Genomics and imaging tools are cracking the tough nut of prostate cancer, exposing which patients are most likely to get worse, and where tumours might be concealed

A Tapestry of Trials

A tapestry of clinical trials
High-impact findings: greater effectiveness, more precision, less harm and cost-conscious—this is what the cancer care of tomorrow looks like, emerging from the clinical trials of today

Mind the Gap

Stomach, pancreatic and other upper GI cancers: new findings are providing much-needed treatment guidance
Upper gastrointestinal cancers are under-studied in Canada. Given their grim outlook—at best, intrusive; at worst, fatal—it’s a void begging to be filled

Advances in Colorectal

Colorectal cancer advances
Including DIY kit in the mail raises screening rates and taking a break from chemotherapy OK

Oncologically Adept

Specialist care critical in treating vulvar cancer
New study finds women with a gynaecologic oncologist more likely to get groin node dissection

The Incredible Shrinking Lesions

Immunotherapy for melanoma works over the long term: study
Treatment has strong effects; provincial reimbursement being requested

Going Gently When Cure Is Elusive

Avoiding invasive end-of-life care in cancer
Going gently when cure is elusive